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annihilated adj : destroyed completely [syn: exterminated, wiped out(p)]

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  1. past of annihilate

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"Annihilated" is an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. It originally aired on May 8, 2007.



  • Reade Kelly as Bud Yellin
  • Annie McGreevey as Janet Yellin
  • Paul Urcioli as CIA Officer Chase
  • Rachel Stern as Millie Lefkowitz
  • Quisha Saunders as Waiter
  • Lucas Delvasto as Tyler Royce
  • Patricia Cook as Elizabeth Stabler
  • Jeffrey Scaperrotta as Dickie Stabler
  • Allison Siko as Kathleen Stabler
  • Deep Katdare as Dr. Parnell
  • Stephen W. Green as Clerk
  • John D'Leo as Drew Royce
  • Shelby Adamowsky as Jennifer Royce
  • Elizabeth Flax as ER Nurse
  • Maria Armesto as Martha
  • Wendy Barrie-Wilson as Woman in family photo


Cragen: What's the drive time from the restaurant back to the house?
Benson: Fifteen, twenty minutes tops.
Cragen: Okay, so he's back by 10:00. That leaves time for him to sneak out after the wife and kids go to sleep; head it to Manhattan; kill Cynthia.
Stabler: You ever try to put three kids to bed hopped up on pizza and soda?
Cragen: Well, maybe Malcolm's got the magic touch.
Stabler: Cannot be done. Trust me.
Tyler: Are you going to help my mom?
Stabler: Why, does your Mom need help?
Tyler: She's really mad and sad.
Stabler: Oh; do you know why?
Tyler: 'Cause my dad's sick.
Stabler: What's wrong with him?
Tyler: Mom says he got a dirty whore.
Kathleen: Dad, what are you doing here?
Stabler: I came by to see you guys.
Kathleen: At 2:00 in the morning?
Stabler: I had a long day.
Kathleen: It isn't fair to Mom.
Stabler: Look, I called; she said it was okay.
Kathleen: That's not what I mean. We’re your family, not some booty call. Come home or don't. There's nothing in between.


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